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Rags to Riches TV Series on DVD

All 20 episodes transferred from VHS tape to Region Free DVD are for sale!

***Detailed quality information and screen caps below***

This is the complete Rags to Riches TV series (20 episodes) from 1987-1988. The series starred Douglas Seale (Clapper), Joseph Bologna (Nick Foley), Blanca De Garr (Patty Foley), Kimiko Gelman (Rose Foley), Bridget Michele (Diane Foley), Heidi Zeigler (Mickey Foley),and Tisha Campbell (as Marva Foley other credits include Little Shop of Horrors, Martin, School Daze, My Wife and Kids, House Party etc) and had regular guests like Sarah Buxton (as Amy Hillerman she also recently played Morgan DeWitt on The Bold and the Beautiful). It is a drama set in the 1960's about 5 orphan girls (originally 6 in the Pilot movie but Nina was written out) who are adopted by a millionare. Every episode has at least 2 musical selections (they take a 60's hit, change the words to fit the plot of the episode, and do a singing and dancing number). It was my favorite show as a girl.

This is an exact copy of my VHS tape collection. I edited out the commercials, created chapter points and added menus. Now for all my hard work there are some things that I just could not fix (such as picture jumping, flickering, low sound, tracking issues, audio buzzing, or a dark picture). For the most part, unless otherwise stated these episodes are all in good condition meaning they are (mostly or completely) free from the problems listed in the parenthesis above. If the episode has any problems, I have listed them below. Due to the rarity of the material, I think that even the ones with problems are well worth it for any hardcore (or brand new) fan of the show. This title has not been released on DVD officially and after 20 years I don’t know if it ever will be so these recordings that I have made are probably the closest you are going to come to real digital copies. These will come to you on 20 Region Free DVDs. Here are the episodes you will receive, their condition and a screencap.

1. The Pilot – featuring Bill Maher This is the pilot movie that was officially released on VHS. This is the highest quality episode I own and is in Great condition. 9/10

2. High Society – This episode is a bit dark, jumpy and has some buzzing issues. Fair 4/10

3. Foley vs. Foley – Good 6/10

4. First Love – Good 6/10

5. Business is Business – Good 6/10

6. Pattys’ Mom – Good 6/10

7. Bad Blood – Good 6/10

8. Born to Ride – Good 6/10

9. Vegas Rock – Good 6/10

10. Once in A Lifeguard – This one has a tracking problem that randomly causes the sound to get distorted at times and the picture flickers. Fair 4/10

11. That’s Cheating – Good 6/10

12. Wilderness Blues – Good 6/10

13. Dear Diary - Good 6/10

14. Hunk in the House – featuring Richard Grieco. This episode has some tracking issues. It is mostly fine (more than half) and the good news is that even if you can’t see CLEARLY what’s going on, the sound is in tact so you can hear it. I think I may have watched this episode a bit too much and warped the tape. It’s still watchable though. Fair/Poor 3/10

15. Marva in the Key of Cee – featuring Margaret Avery (Shug Avery from The Color Purple) a bit dark but otherwise fine. Good 6/10

16. Beauty and the Babe – featuring Shannon Tweed. Good 6/10

17. A Russian Holiday – featuring Joseph Mascolo (Massimo Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful) doing a hilarious Russian accent. Good 5/10

18. A Very Foley Christmas - This one actually glows a bright yellowish color for some reason. Luckily though, this is mostly a clip show of other episodes in this set that are clear. Fair/Poor 4/10

19. Guess Who’s Coming To Slumber? - A tracking issue throughout distorts faces at some points but it is mostly clear. Fair 5/10

20. Sweet 16 – Good 6/10

Rags to Riches for U.S. customers - $65

Rags to Riches for International customers - $85

Since I have accurately represented the condition of the episodes, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. I will replace a DVD if it is defective and I also offer a form of exchange for Rags to Riches only. If you own a better copy of a lower quality episode listed above, you may send me a copy of the VHS tape and I will make you a new DVD.

Models Inc TV Series on DVD

This is the complete Models Inc. TV Series (all 29 episodes plus the E! Alternate Ending) on DVD. The show aired from 1994-1995 and is a Melrose Place spin-off. Hillary Michaels (the estranged mother of Melrose Place character Amanda Woodward), runs a modeling agency in L.A. that Sarah Owens (also from Melrose Place) has just signed with. The show stars Linda Gray (from Dallas), a pre-Matrix Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) sauntering down catwalks and being overly dramatic (which the show called for), a pre-Jamie Foxx Show Garcelle Beauvais and lastly, Brian Gaskill who recently made his daytime soap rounds with a character on The Bold and the Beautiful as well as one on As the World Turns. Guest Stars include, Emma Sams (from Dynasty), Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne on Guiding Light) and even a bit part for Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Abbott on The Young and the Restless) and Mitch Pileggi (Skinner on The X Files). If you are familiar with the I Love the 90's series that comes on VH1, this show was mentioned as a memorable 90's moment.

PLEASE NOTE: There are about 3 minutes missing from the end of episode 23 but the previews that open the next episode show you exactly what you missed. This show comes on 7 DVDs and the quality is 7/10.

Models Inc. for U.S. customers - $55

Models Inc. for International customers - $65

Boston Public TV Series on DVD

This the entire Boston Public TV series (all 81 episodes) on 15 DVDs.
The show aired from 2000-2004 and was a fictional behind-the-scenes look at the personal and professional lives of teachers
working at a midsize high school in Boston. All DVDs have menus and the quality is 9/10.

Boston Public for U.S. customers - $65

Boston Public for International customers - $85

Queer as Folk Saying Goodbye DVD

This is the Queer as Folk Saying Goodbye episode that was not included in the Season 5 DVD Box Set. It is a 30 minute special that originally aired immediately before the finale episode. It contains clips from the show and the wrap party, the casts favorite episodes and scenes, sound bites, gag reels, how the show was made and received by the audience, details about the casting process, behind the scenes shots of the set and production, interviews with the producers, cast interviews and their last words.

The menu features pictures of the cast and screen shots from the show, some of which pop out from the layout and enlarge and the menu sound is the entire song Proud by Heather Small (the version played at the end of the finale episode) which loops until you press play. This show comes on 1 DVD and the quality is 9/10.

Queer as Folk Saying Goodbye for U.S. Customers - $15

Queer as Folk Saying Goodbye for International Customers - $25

New York Undercover TV Series on DVD

This is the entire series (all 89 epsodes from all 4 seasons) on 24 DVDs. This show aired from 1994-1998 and followed 2 cops in NYC as they solve cases by going undercover to catch the bad guys. This show stars Malik Yoba, Michael Delorenzo, a pre-Oz Lauren Velez, Patti D'Arbanville (My So-Called Life), and had a musical guest each week. This series is worth the money for the music alone! Each disc has a menu and the quality is 8/10.

New York Undercover for U.S. customers - $75

New York Undercover for International customers - $95

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